The experience I have working with large employers makes me uniquely placed to advise individuals. I know how employers think and operate. I therefore understand how to achieve the best possible solution to any issues you may have at work.


Employment law advice


  • Reviewing your employment documentation, such as your offer letter, your contract of employment and any bonus and commission plans. Advising you on where you may need additional protection and conducting negotiations with your employer on your behalf

  • Advising you on how to deal with any grievances you may have at work and helping you draft formal grievance documents

  • Helping you through the disciplinary process if you are being accused of misconduct or poor performance by your employer

  • Advising you on the protection you may have from discrimination

  • Answering queries on maternity leave and flexible working requests

  • Guiding you through the redundancy process

  • Advising on and negotiating exit strategies and termination packages. I am also an authorised adviser to review and sign compromise agreements

  • Advising you on the various employment claims you may have – such as unfair dismissal and various forms of discrimination.


Handling your Employment Claim


  • Drafting your Employment Tribunal claim

  • Drafting an appropriate subject access request under the Data Protection Act to allow you to review the information your employer holds about you

  • Drafting discrimination questionnaires to try to establish the strengths of any discrimination claim you may have

  • Handling your case in the Employment Tribunal – from case management to disclosure and witness statements.


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